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The History of The Sherlock Home

Built in 1940 by her sons, Tom and Patrick, for their mother, The Sherlock Home was the home of Kristi's great-grandma, Catherine (O'Brien) Sherlock. The Irish side (O'Briens & Sherlocks) of our family emigrated from Ireland sometime in the 1820-50s. Great-grandma was born in Watertown, MN on May 12, 1871. She married Dennis Sherlock in 1892 in Woodland Township, Minnesota and after making their way through Minnesota with stops in St. Cloud and Graceville, the Sherlocks finally settled in Walhalla around 1920.  Dennis and Catherine had ten children - Patrick, Thomas, Edward, Catherine (Katie) Yeado, Matthew, Mary Hardy (my grandma) and Bridget (Bunnie) Norman and James, Julia and Margerite, who died at birth, one and two years old, respectively. Great-grandpa Dennis passed away in 1922, leaving Catherine a widow in a small town where she had just moved.

Catherine lived in Walhalla until 1942 when she moved to Kansas City to live near her daughter, Bunnie. Catherine O'Brien Sherlock passed away November 2, 1948.  

80+ years later we had the opportunity to buy Kristi's great-grandma's house and we can't wait to host you!

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